Interest Rates from as low as 8% per annum based on loan type, term and risk profile.

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Private Lending Solutions

Halcyon Capital One is a Private Lender not a Broker or Originator.

We have years of experience helping clients prepare for the unknown while meeting their financial goals.

 Ask us about:

  • Property Development and Construction Loans.
  • Mortgage Loans (First and Second Mortgages).
  • Bridging Loans (First and Second Mortgages).
  • Commercial / Business Loans.
  • Short-term Loans (Caveat Loans).
  • Debtor Finance.
  • Cashflow / Lines of Credit / Overdrafts.
  • Equity Stripping / Release.
  • Asset and Equipment Finance.
  • Wholesale Facilities.

We have no set Loan to Value Ratios (LVR's). In certain cases with strong Cashflow we will lend up to 100% of Valuation or 100% of Costs associated with Development and Construction loans.

As an independent private lender, we can access and design many different products so you can get the right products and services.

We have offices and representation in both Australia and the United Kingdom.

Our Australian company structure is Halcyon Capital One Pty Limited  ACN 633 398 893 and our London office at 160 Kemp House, City Road, London, EC1V2NX is registered as Halcyon Capital One Limited Company Number 11992204. Our London operations secure and manage all our collateralized debt obligations by which we raise the capital to fund our loans in Australia.

We are also able to structure and secure large "CDO's" for large transactions on a case by case basis. 

We have the platform and knowledge to support and structure complicated Finance structures to help you achieve your goals.



Comprehensive Approach

We use proven finance strategies designed to meet your risk tolerance and stand up against market volatility. You can count on unbiased recommendations and impartial guidance based directly on your needs and goals.



Committed to Service

Every successful financial strategy starts with an excellent client relationship. We are a private nonbank funding and finance company. We have an extensive background in Business and Commercial funding solutions.


what we do

Features - Fees - Charges


Halcyon Capital One is a private lending company. 

We create, provide swift and responsive finance solutions as an alternative to traditional lenders.

As the funder, not a broker or an originator, we offer what most cannot.

As your funding partner, we are committed to working with you in a transparent, flexible and intelligent way to unlock the value in your strategy. 

We provide finance solutions for business, property and investment purposes. We are a private funder, not an intermediary, so our priority is to ensure the  proposal has every reason to succeed.

Key Features:

  • No set Loan to Value Ratios.
  • Loan Terms up to 5 years.
  • Interest rates fixed or variable. Interest payable monthly - capitalised options for qualified clients.
  • Credit assessment and Legal processing are dealt with in house.
  • Loan amounts from $10,000.00.

Fees and Charges:

  • Establishment Fee - 1% of loan amount.
  • Valuations - Performed internally.
  • Early Repayment Fee - Not applicable.
  • Discharge Fee - $500.00.
  • Commission's - Brokers who mandate their client have their commission added to the loan amount and paid at settlement.
  • Legal Fees - Quoted individually.

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26 August 2019

We continue to experience consistent  growth and have well outperformed our expectations. We have become very selective in who we deal with and the transactions that we will fund.


5 July 2019

A very busy week for us with $8,901,217.83 in loan settlements.

This week also saw us finalising a $120,000,000.00 Wholesale Facility for a client in Sydney. 

An example of how we value our Broker relationships. A Borrower was unable to settle under a transaction. Under exceptional circumstances a decision was made to pay the broker who introduced the transaction his full commission.


28 June 2019

Another solid week with $4,716,008.42 in loan settlements.


14 June 2019

Once again, a week with consistent results. Another busy week with $8,749,114.00 in loan settlements.

We appreciate the support, next week looks promising. Complicated is what we do best!


7 June 2019

Another busy week for us. We are pleased to advise that we achieved $5,314,593.00 in loan settlements.

Thank you for the support and look forward to another busy week next week.


31 May 2019

Its been a busy week for us with $11,259,874.00 in loan settlements.

Nothing more rewarding than taking on a complex loan and finding a solution to make it work for the client.

Once again thank your very much for trusting us with your finance needs and support.


24 May 2019

Once again another good week for us with $7,941,000,00 in loan settlements.

We have added a few new sections to the website (Wholesale Facilities, Investors and Broker and Introducer information).

We would like to thank everyone for the support, its much appreciated.


17 May 2019 

This week we have settled $18,512,000.00 in loans. Its been well over our expectations. Its been interesting to see the reactions of our clients in response to our creativity and agility to structure and settle loans quickly. 

Its going to interesting to watch any exchange rate movements due to the coming election in Australia.

Remember borrow responsibly.



Collateralized Debt Obligation Market


For detailed information about this service please follow the link on the menu above.

If you  are a large business or a institutional borrower this is the solution for you. If you are tired of dealing with multiple lenders and all are in the habit of cross collateralizing your assets and borrowings then this is the solution for you.

A one stop facility that provides you with the freedom to grow your business and gives you the agility to respond to opportunities in an instant.

The ability to contract and settle in a very short timeframe puts you in control at the negotiation table.


Complex finance structures are what we do best!


We were approached by client who needed access to a Line of Credit.

Among his assets he had an operating hotel. The hotel consisted of 406 rooms. The hotel was valued as a going concern, it had some leverage to increase the exposure but was not enough to support the client’s requirements.

After consultation a strategic decision was taken to strata title the asset and sell the rooms (now units) to investors. The uplift in value came since the asset was no longer valued as a going concern but rather a strata title (each unit was valued individually together with the common property). 

That was not the only challenge. In order to sell the units to investors they would need to offer a finance package to the buyers of each unit. As the units (rooms) were below 35m2 none of the traditional lenders were able to fund the loans due to mortgage insurance policies. We took it to the next level and created a finance product they could offer to the end-users (the end-user finance product was rolled out to several brokers for distribution).

The uplift in value of the asset was increased from $80,000,000.00 to $120,000,000.00. 

Once we received the increased valuation, we set Term Loan of $75,000,000.00 and a Line of Credit for $20,000,000.00 (total facilities of $95,000,000.00 against a valuation of $120,000,000.00). 

The income from the asset’s operations were more than adequate to cover the interest repayments on both the Term loan and line of Credit.


We were able to assist the client in stripping the equity out of the asset so he could apply it to his next venture.

We created finance and real-estate opportunities for finance brokers and real estate agents.

The income from the asset retuned enough to service the debt obligations but importantly also returned income to the end-users. They received this in addition to the capital appreciation of the asset they had invested into. The income return was approximately 50% of the net interest on the end-user loan geared at 80% of the Loan to Value Ratio of the unit.

Please contact us for more information.




Investment Opportunity

Due to a number of requests and after careful consideration we have agreed to make the following investment opportunity available to Sophisticated Investors. (As defined by ASIC - Australian Securities and Investment Commission).

Current base rate of 6% p.a. increasing in accordance with an increase in the investment risk profile.

A unique opportunity exists for sophisticated Australian and Foreign investors to participate directly in first mortgages.

The structure will be on the basis of a syndicated loan to a borrower. The participation will be shared equally by ourselves and you as the investor.

As the funder under the loan agreement with the borrower we will hold the security to guarantee your investment. We provide further comfort to our investors by taking a "First Loss" position in the transaction. 


  • Company "A" approaches us for funding. 
  • Company "A" requires a loan of $800,000.00 against a valuation of $1,000,000.00 (80% Loan to Value Ratio "LVR").
  • We provide $400,000.00, and you as the investor will provide $400,000.00 to fund the  total loan amount of $800,000.00.
  • Company 'A" goes into default and we have to recover the loan pursuant to the Loan Agreement.
  • In recovering the loan we are only able to recover $700,000.00 of the $800,000.00 leant to Company "A".
  • Of the $700,000.00 recovered, we as the funder will receive $300,000.00,  you as the investor will receive $400,000.00 (Your total investment is returned to you together with interest you earnt on your investment).
  • Therefore as the funder we guarantee your investment until our share of the funding ($400,000.00) under the loan to the borrower is exhausted.
  • The risk to you is reduced significantly by the fact that you only have a 40% (LVR) exposure in the loan transaction (The investment), and we have guaranteed your investment by taking a first loss position of $400,000.00.

We will procure and manage all suitable investments on your behalf as the investor. All investments will be matched by a predetermined risk profile of your choice. 

To qualify for this level of investment you must be able to demonstrate that you comply with the Sophisticated Investor guidelines as set by ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission).

Please feel free to contact us for further information.


Our Team

Key Staff


Mario - Director, started his career in finance with CBA in 1978. He later took up a senior position with Barter Trade Exchange. Under the successful guidance as General Manager for IBEX Trade Exchange it grew rapidly becoming an attractive acquisition for Bartercard Global Trade  Exchange. He is well versed in global property development and investments, contractual structuring and securing government approvals for environmental infrastructure. He brings a hands on approachable can do attitude to the organisation and his philosophy "people matter" has proven to be an asset taking him all around the world allowing him to acquire a vast knowledge of business cultures.

Anton - Chief Executive Officer (B.Comm MBA), began his finance career in February 1987. In 2002 he immigrated to Australia. He is well known for creating innovative financial products to help people meet their financial goals. As a result, Halcyon Capital One is a agile lender and maintains a presence in Australia and England (London). During his career he has built up a wealth of knowledge in Structured Finance, Capital Markets , Equity and Derivative markets. In 2006 he started his first Finance company and has held a number of Executive and Board positions with numerous Public and Private Companies. He has significant experience in Finance and Debt structuring.

"Seeing our clients do well and succeed is fundamental, when they succeed, it builds greater wealth not just for them but in the wider community"


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